Blue and White Topaz Ring - size 7


A gorgeous faceted pear shaped Blue Topaz with two round faceted White Topaz set in Sterling Silver to created this beautifully designed size 7 ring.

It is approximately 1.23Carats weighing 2.06 grams Natural Gemstone Beautiful Ring.

You may find similar rings to this for $70 anywhere else this price may be higher than the recommended retail market value.

Metaphysical Properties

WHITE TOPAZ increases your awareness of thoughts and deeds and the karmic effects of these Purifies emotions as well as actions. activates cosmic awareness. Removes stagnant energy.

The image here is for a smoky quartz and white topaz ring this product is out of stock at present however, we do have the blue and white topaz ring available for purchasing. The blue topaz replaces the smoky quartz stone.

Sold Out

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