Citrine Lemon Quartz Sterling Silver Ring - size 7


Beautiful oval faceted Citrine gemstone with two Lemon Quartz gemstones set in sterling silver to make this wonderfully designed size 7 ring.

It is approximately 0.82 Carats weighing 1.75 Natural Gemstone Beautiful Ring.

You may find similar rings to this for $70 anywhere else this price may be higher than the recommended retail market value.

Metaphysical Properties
CITRINE has been called the "Merchants Stone" as it has been said to increase and maintain wealth. Aids in overcoming intellectual and emotional problems, positive influence on relationships, assisting in allowing one to perceive obstacles and solutions in a optimistic manner, good for problem solving, to stimulate openness and awaken the mind.

It opens and energizes the solar plexus chakra enabling personal power, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness, which is essential to enhance the physical body. Stimulates both mental focus and endurance.

LEMON QUARTZ is said to help structure, focus and amplify thoughts and information. It is also thought to transmit energy. Because the color yellow is associated with clarity, communication and happiness, lemon quartz is believed to help balance and strengthen these aspects.

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