Commissioned Art

I am currently available to take on new commercial hires, and individual personal commissions. I paint artworks similar to in theme to those you see on this website. The artworks on this website are an accurate representation of the standard of my commissioned works. I reserve the right to refuse any hire on the grounds that I do not feel that I can depict the subject matter in a confident manner.

I will happily do portraits, but several clear high resolution photographs will be required. It must also be said that while I will always strive to capture a realistic style however, the fantasy of my artwork will be reflected in the end result.

The subject range I will paint on the smaller sizes up to 10"x12" are limited to partial body,i.e. dragon head, neck and partial body, or human/fairy head to shoulders/waist artworks. Full body subjects are only available on larger canvas.

My artworks are created using a various mediums of watercolour, or acrylics, coloured pencil and acrylic ink. I will work in single mediums only with coloured pencil, graphite pencil, and pen and ink.

Prices are dependent upon several factors -- medium, size, complexity, and the number of hours the project will take from start to finish. Prices are higher for those artworks with detailed backgrounds and/or those that depict more than one character or creature.

Commission Queries

If you have further questions that are not answered here, or you would like to organise a personal or commercial hire with me, please contact me via email. I will endeavour to have a reply to you within 24 to 72 hours. Please be specific as to your questions and/or hire details.

All images on this site are copyrighted and specific property of Deborah Bell. Removal or reproduction in any form is an infridgement of the copyright law.


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