All bracelets unless otherwise stated are created with .925 Sterling Silver and quality gemstones by brilliantly talented artisans.

They are perfect as a gift to a friend or loved one or to dress up your wardrobe.

As bracelets are sold new bracelets will be added however, there is no guarantee that another similar bracelet will be available again once sold.

I personally believe that gemstones and crystals can help in both healing and metaphysically.

However, the metaphysical and healing lore is for inspiration, folklore, reference, and entertainment purposes only. In relation to any injuries, illness or any other health related issues, please ensure that you see your doctor or other qualified healthcare practitioner. The information regarding mystical lore on crystal healing and spiritual healing is not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information; it is an alternative and complementary aid and are not scientifically substantiated. By accessing the information from this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of the information.