Dragon Art Prints

Date: 01-03-88
From: Jeff Bordeaux


They say the flame wrought winds are dead;
Ethereal dancing, jeweled wings - no more.
Monolithic rationality is the head.
Noble dreams and works - shattered, torn.

Their world was theirs - never doubt.
But the magic and power faded away,
When the light gave way to spiritual drought
and Oppenheimer replaced Morganna Le Fay.
But in some strange souls they found a home:
Those inspired, lost, exiled castaways.
Music and verse and The Craft are the bones
Of these long lost archetypes of elder days.
And it takes a mere seed to create an oak,
and music and light, rain and mirth,
bridging land and sky with it's growth;
fulfilling the call to renew the Earth.
So nurture these dragons who live within you-
The Burning has ended and they may go free.
Let them grow so that their work may continue.
An it harm none, do what ye will - Blessed Be!


Beautiful art prints of dragons on quality archival paper.

Choose from Deborah's protective, wise, regal and elemental dragon art prints. As new dragon artworks are created they will be included in our dragon art prints that will be available for purchasing.

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